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November 21st 1999

World-famous pipe smokers ? We have plenty up here in the North
Country, I reckon the most famous must be:

1) Harold Tot - firebrand Northern Ontario legislator and campaigner on road safety issues

2) John Blackthorne - known as the barman "Ed" in the sitcom "Baby It's Cold Outside"

3) Julienne Francoise du Toit - high profile socialite and recovering
drug abuser, inventor of the "Du Toit Two-Step to Detox", involved in
the notorious "Black & NPRA" scandal in the 1970s.

4) Arnaud McMeekin, Professor of Timber Studies at Northern Ontario
community college

Actually the last one is not so famous, he's my mentor and old teacher, sorry but I had to include the old sucker !

God Save The Queen ! (A cigar smoker, unfortunately).

Red MacKenzie

"I may be from Northern Ontario but I'm not stupid"

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Many Thanks, Ted Woodley