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Over the years I have shared several wee reminiscences with the denizens of the ASP Newsgroup (alt.smokers.pipes). I collect them here for reference purposes. In anwer to the question "what is your purpose in posting these tales" I draw your attention first to my own humble philosophy:

Woodlean Philosophy

"Pipemen I have Known" Series

Captain Bob

Mrs. Smith

Jack Cowan

Uncle Dicky

"Big" Ted Woodley


Pat Sanderson

Hai Tan


The Great Swami

Jimmy Dee

The Man at Traveller's Rest Cottage

Mr Rhesus

The Laird of Largs (Deceased)

Old Tam

Engineer MacKenzie

"Pipe-related Injuries in Falkirk" Series:

Pipe-related Injuries #1

Pipe-related Injuries #2

Pipe-related Injuries #3

Many Thanks, Ted Woodley