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No, not Royal Troon, but a few places you may like to visit:
First, the ASP Motherlode where you can find out about all my fellow pipe suckers. They have been good enough to publish my biograpy and a couple of my anecdotes in the Classic Posts section. A diverting pastime is to scan through the assorted Bios and decide who you would least like to be cast adrift with in an open boat in the South China Seas ! 

ASP Home Page

Next, what I may modestly call a "tribute site", but one with a serious academic purpose too. I'll let the originator speak for himself - further comment from me is superfluous !

As many of you know we have formed a Ted Woodley Study Group with the  stated purpose of "Finding meaning in things Woodlean."  We are  currently applying for non-profit status, which isn't likely to pose a  problem as we are blissfully devoid of profit.  While we are waiting on  non-profit status, we have already achieved "Non-OT Status" because the  pipe is not only central to understanding the man we call Mr. Woodley,  it is held in his left hand in all known images.

The study group will  delve more deeply into Mr. Woodley, of Label and  Labeling Technology fame, who is the wellspring of the "Pipemen I've  Known" series.

We have good news to share: we have recently been in contact with Mr. Woodley !  Although he is currently preoccupied with his important work  on the great tapestry, he assures us that he will try to "post some more stories, occasionally."

In the meantime I have posted a diagram that should be of assistance in  understanding the relationships that Mr. Woodley is depicting in his


Woodlean Studies

Finally, a few "Classic Posts" from ASP. When I joined the group I browsed through many past discussions and came upon some that were striking: some made me chuckle, some made me sigh wistfully, and some were downright infuriating ! But all made me think - and so I include a few here in tribute to that happy band of brothers who gather to share a pipe and a yarn in our on-line study.
I salute you all. Smoke on.

Roy Grainger

Roger O. Stein

Red MacKenzie

Jan Brock

Many Thanks, Ted Woodley