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My purpose in posting here can be summed up in this little anecdote.
Some years ago in the "Woodside Bar" in Falkirk every evening an old
man wearing shabby clothes used to sit in the corner drinking whisky.
When the barman finally called time the old man would rise proudly to
his feet, climb onto the table in front of him, and sing in a strong
though wavering voice:

"If ah can help somebody as ah pass alang,
If ah can cheer somebody with a word or sang,
If ah can show somebody that he's traveling wrang,
Then my living shall not be in vaaaaain."

He would then get down from the table, walk in a dignified way out
into the cold dark street, and vomit comprehensively and copiously
into the gutter.

That is my philosophy of life, and I think it is a good one.

Many Thanks,

Ted Woodley

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Many Thanks, Ted Woodley