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Greetings fellow pipe persons ! I am a new pipe smoker and would like to introduce myself. Above is a photograph taken recently with my new "digital" camera which unaccountably makes me look a little like ex-Prime Minister Sir Harold Wilson. The similarities don't end there - like Sir Harold my wife is also an accomplished poet having won first prize and a lifetime ban at our local pub for completing the limerick "There once was a lady from Huntfield" (a town near Dumfries).

Following a career in labels and labelling technology I am now taking a well-earned retirement. Labelling highlights of recent years include pioneering the first use of wraparound shrink labels in Scotland, and also giving evidence to the "European Commission Working Group on the Classification and Labelling of Dangerous Substances" which necessitated a short trip to Brussels and a more extended period of hangover-recovery back home in Falkirk.

In addition to pipe smoking, I have also just taken up the use of the home computer and have also started work on a tapestry depicting Scotland's football win over England in 1967 drawing on emblems and images from the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion. I am also interested in brass rubbing (not a euphemism !).

I look forward to making many new friends amongst the bretheren of the briar.

Many Thanks, Ted Woodley